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Trying Something New In 2023

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Trying something new in 2023? 

I’m pretty sure we all have our sights set on doing something new this New Year. On the podcast toward the end of 2022 we discussed topics about New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully we encouraged you to look at the New Year with a fresh perspective and not dread for ultimately failing at doing something new. With that being said, let’s talk about the plan for sticking to your goals in 2023.

1.Write it down!

I know this seems like a simple thing but all the experts agree that once you identify your goal, writing it down is very important. There is power in putting your goal on paper. Hang it somewhere you will be regularly reminded of it. 

2. Find an accountability partner or tell someone

Heck, tell a few people. Saying it out loud will make it more attainable. Not only will it feel more real, it will also be something you want to pursue since you’ve said it out loud. An accountability partner is not overrated. It’s incredibly helpful. On this podcast episode we talked about how important it is to find the right kind of person to be in your corner. Pay attention the way the person responds to your ideas and how positive or not positive they are. 

3. Now that you’ve written down your “new thing” down, write down the plan

What are the steps you will need to take to achieve your goals? What are the mini steps? There are always more steps than we think and writing those down will help you stay on track. 

4. Prepare for the setbacks

That may seem negative but it’s not. It’s realistic. It’s being prepared so that you don’t give up completely when something throws you off course. On the podcast I mentioned that in preparing for this episode, I originally typed “prepare for failure” and I immediately erased that and chose the word “setback” because setbacks are not failures. There is a big difference. If you’re prepared for setbacks, they won’t become failures.

5.Reward yourself!

This might seem a little elementary, but there’s value in it. You need a little pat on the back every once in a while and who’s going to give that to you? If you’re an entrepreneur, you know a huge struggle is being all on your own most of the time. That includes the good times and the bad and you’ll need to be the one handing out the reward (yes, even to yourself). Like Ron said in this episode, “if you had a regular job, a boss would be rewarding you for your hard work.’

We hope this episode helps get you to a little closer to your goals or at least gives you the courage  to try something new in 2023.

Click here to listen to this episode of the Might Sound Wild Podcast.

As always, join us every week for a new episode.

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