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How to spend the perfect Day in Paris

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A Perfect Day in Paris 

In June, my friend and I flew off to Paris. We kind of did this on a whim. The trip planning wasn’t years in the making, but I think we both liked it like that. We spent 30 days Instagram messaging each other about all the cute places we wanted to see. We wanted the perfect combination of sipping coffee leisurely like a local with no plans / checking off bucket list items that are “must sees” while in Paris. My personal goal while traveling is always to balance doing all the things and doing nothing at all. 

Erica has dreamed of Paris possibly her whole life, so I kind of wanted to follow her lead and see it through her eyes. Outside of a few things, I was just along for the ride. And I’m so glad I was! 

Let’s start with your bucket list, and then we will walk you through what we consider a perfect day. 


The Louvre ~ Duh

Erica decided to purchase museum passes online beforehand, and we highly recommend doing this. Here’s the link : https://www.getyourguide.com/paris-l16/paris-museum-pass-t49746/?utm_source=getyourguide&utm_medium=sharing&utm_campaign=activity_details&visitor_id=EUA8XZV4KWA5VT60FNC9YC29PD428FYQ

You will still need to reserve your time slot online beforehand, and we recommend the first available time slot, 9 AM. We also recommend getting there 15-20 minutes early because, despite having a reservation time and ticket, you will still need to wait in line to enter. Doing it this way will allow you to be some of the first people through the door, and there is obviously so much to see. I personally couldn’t contain my excitement walking through the DaVinci hall. Erica and I savored every bit of this area, walking the halls multiple times. Outside of the sculptures, I think this part was my favorite. 

The Eiffel Tower ~ another duh 

Erica had already researched the best street to get dropped off nearby so we could grab our little picnic items. Think fresh bread, fruits, cheeses, and maybe a bottle of bubbly! 

Helpful Tip – these shops close pretty early, so make sure to get there before then. Also, don’t forget easy-to-carry tote bags as well as a blanket and bottle opener. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but you definitely need napkins and something to spread your little foods on, so you aren’t stuck eating out of a brown paper sack. We actually did that, but we couldn’t have been happier. We also didn’t remember a blanket to lie down on, so we sprawled out on the grass and read our books under the tower for hours. It’s honestly so relaxing and the perfect way to recoup after a long tour of the Louvre. 

The Moulin Rouge ~ epic finale

“I couldn’t think of ending such a perfect Parisian day any grander than taking us two to The Moulin Rouge, but before we went to the late-night show, we came back to our hotel room to rest and recharge on some coffee but most importantly, — to show April the Baz Luhrmann film “Moulin Rouge!” As we piled into bed, post-nap, we played the movie on our MacBook, making us even more excited for the evening to begin.

Now that she understood more my excitement, we put on our red lips and our best dress, think—smoldering temptress, and caught a cab out in the romantic rain. We were on our way to see the most iconic cabaret show in the world since its opening in 1889! We were in for a night of amazement with acrobats, dancers, and of course — champagne!”

I couldn’t recommend this experience more. You must buy your tickets in advance. I purchased ours just over a week before our trip. I recommend selecting the dinner and champagne package as Moulin Rouge does a fantastic 4-star gourmet dinner course of French cuisine that begins just before the show at the theater. As you dine, the Moulin Rouge orchestra accompanies you. 

Here’s the link : https://www.moulinrouge.fr/en/offres/dinner-show/

Not only is the theatre itself otherworldly, but the running show, Féerie, is one of the greatest and most exciting shows I have ever seen! Four incredible acts that literally took my breath away. You are sure to be filled with delicious delights and fantastic entertainment.

Truly this was the perfect Parisian day to me. I felt like a tourist but in the greatest way, and then also between shopping for our little under-the-Effiel-tower-picnic at the fresh markets, ordering in French, and laying in the sun with a book in my hands, phoning back home to the ones I love — I felt somewhat like I lived there, as if this was a wonderful day in the life, a perfect day in Paris for a tourist or a local looking to be totally Parisian for a day.

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